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We are offer and supplier of a wide range of Extruded Profiles and Moulded Rubber parts for wide range of Applications in Automobile, Construction, Roofing, Pre-Engineering Building, Prefabricated Houses,  Solar Industry, Railways, Shipping, Engineering, Tele communications.

Molded Rubber Parts

We offer automotive rubber  parts Arm Bushing , Suspension Bushing, Engine Mounting, Shock Absorber Mounting, Stabilizer Shaft Rubber, Spring Shackle Rubber, Strut Bar Rubber, Shock Dust Cover, Grommet Steering Rack, Drive Shaft Boot and Steering Gear Boot

Extruded Rubber Profile , Door Seal

We offer Solid and Sponge Rubber Gaskets with a flexible steel spine is the most common and by far the most important application of the EPDM based sealing system in automobile. These seals are dynamic and also called as Door Seals. It is used to seal the door flange firmly to avoid dust, water & air to leak inside.This seals are also very important as far as aesthetics is concerned. It takes care of the door & Body flange panel variations and gives a smooth look from outside. Features: Easy to install Long life Light weight Note: The Prices of the product varies as per the drawing ,design, dimension & specification of product.

Rubber Thread

We offer Rubber Thread for eco friendly, food & Meat Packing, Heat Resistance rubber Thread, Medical rubber Thread Catheter , in Bobbins for manufacture of socks, medical nettings